How to become a Partner

More than a partner, by contributing to the Ministries of Dr. Jean Héder Petit-Frère, you have automatically become a partner and you enjoy all the benefits and prerogatives associated with it. The beneficent soul will be satisfied, And the one who waters will himself be watered. [Proverbs 11:25]

The vision can be personal because God entrusted it to an individual, but its materialization could never be the work of one person. God has already sealed you with skills and endowed you with the resources necessary to materialize this noble vision.

Join us!

Definitions of the 3 Partner Categories:


A silver partner is a donor who undertakes to contribute financially to the Ministry of Dr Petit-Frère whenever a possibility arises.


A Gold partner is a donor who undertakes to contribute voluntarily on a regular monthly basis in the Ministries of Dr. Petit-Frère.


An Executive partner is an extravagant donor who contributes on all occasions and at all times and thus proves through this attitude his commitment and his attachment to the Ministry of Dr. J.H Petit-Frère.

Benefits and prerogatives

  • Partner certificate
  • Membership card
  • Privileged counseling
  • Reduction on all products, productions and activities of the Ministries Special prayers
  • End-of-year Gala (Recognition and Thanksgiving Ceremony)
  • Monthly information and interaction mail
  • Periodic report
  • Souvenir gifts of merchandise…

Become Partner !

Thank you for helping us spread the message of the Good News of the Kingdom of God.
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