Reverend Marcia Elaine Petit Frere

Reverend Marcia E. PETIT-FRÈRE, the famous JamAyitienne, is the wife of Pastor Jean Héder, married for 27 years and mother of three adult children. She is Jamaican by blood and Haitian by heart, because she has been strongly attached to the land for several years.

Because of her Divine calling linked to the fulfillment of her destiny, she had to leave her native land to crouch on her new adoptive land, our dear Motherland, which the world will soon call “.
Haitian miracle “. Linguistically speaking, although her original language is English, she masters Haitian Creole without a hitch in almost all of her phrasing. Besides, most of her sermons are mainly disseminated in Creole.

Pastor of her state, she is founder and assistant to the congregation of the Tabernacle Family Diplomatic Center of Praise (CDFTL). She holds a master’s degree in education and the founding director of a prestigious local school, the Mixed Jubilee Academy Christian Academy.

Her support alongside her dear husband, the Rev. Dr. Petit-Frère is without question, and his involvement in this ministry is indisputable. His imprint is considered indelible and irreplaceable as much by his creativity, his advice as by his significant contribution to the construction, the maintenance and the dissemination of the Gospel of the Kingdom in the ecclesial sector in Haiti and in foreign land.

From the beginning of the implantation of the vision (consisting in the multidimensional formation of the Haitian being, by provoking the change of its mentality) it knew how to play a fundamental role in various ministerial fields near the man of God. She is the instigator and promoter of the famous and highly recognized program “Vrè Lanmou an Tann” which consists in promoting sexual abstinence among young people according to Scriptural truths. She also created the “Winning Women” movement under the label Couples in Connection, aiming to promote balance in homes – by encouraging women to be dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial – in strict compliance with the requirements of the word of God. .

She is a very original Biblical teacher by her methodology, of exceptional simplicity and depth. An authentic woman led by the Spirit of the Lord, from whom we can learn a lot.

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