Jubilé Académie Chrétienne 

Excellence through Passion and Perseverance
The school’s vision is to be a benchmark in school matters. We want to become a school of choice. Christian ethics are de rigueur within the establishment. Our students will become productive and be individuals who are socially, emotionally, spiritually well-adjusted and able to evolve and be present in a local and global community environment.
The Jubilee Christian Academy will empower the student to achieve the passion for excellence through perseverance in education. It will embrace Christian values and ideals for a democratic nation with regard to the principles of the law. It will develop the positive characteristics of a patriotic and productive citizen. The pupil will have a keen sense and a particular appreciation of his physical environment, his cultural heritage and global correlations.

The JAC school was founded during the 1998-1999 academic year on the initiative of Dr. Jean Héder PETIT-FRERE, CEO and Founder of the Shabach International Ministry (MSI), Pastor of the Tabernacle Church in Praise ( FTL), to meet an urgent need in the area. Believing with all his heart that education is one of the means capable of raising man to the status of being a social being who can take control of his destiny and work for the well-being of his environment, the Pastor knew how to attract attention of members and friends of the congregation to this problem while making them understand that it is time to act Thanks to their contribution and the possibilities offered by the Ministry’s campus, the JAC took its first step by welcoming 111 learners.

Since then, a lot of efforts have been made to provide the school with its own buildings and the materials it needs to operate. Thus, the school has the capacity to receive 350 learners, or 25 students per class. Nowadays, we welcome children of all social strata and of different nationalities. The JAC is an institution representing the educational branch of the Ministry Shabach International (MSI).

Campus environment
The school is accessible by two (2) separate routes where traffic is active. The access roads are on clay and traffic is nearby. The school is located in a calm environment. Its courtyard is spacious and concrete, suitable for pleasant recreations. Its classrooms are well ventilated and offer great possibilities to arrange the students in a practical and dynamic way.
Privileges of the JAC

To receive :
1. Christian and adapted education
2. a classical education with professional orientation from the 1st fundamental year
3. practical civic education
Learn :
4. nourish a world view that gives more meaning to life
5. live harmoniously in society
6. develop critical thinking skills
7. cultivate healthy lifestyles
8. establish good relationships with others
9. develop a sense of responsibility for the environment
10. Know yourself well to take your place and better orient yourself in life.

Jubilé Académie Chrétienne

Years of Experience

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